Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 28

We began the Sunday morning by doing something unusual. The night before, Pastor Lynn had brought us some cherries from a tree nearby. We found the tree along with another one and had a breakfast of bittersweet fresh cherries while Sunday school started. But when that ended, we had to go in the church because Dad was preaching.

For once I didn't have to join Dad on the stage and I was relieved. He spoke a few words, then there was a baby dedication. After that Dad started up again and he preached until after noon!

We both were hungry after church and were glad to hear that there would be lunch at the house of the dedicated baby's parents. Pastor Lynn drove us there. It was crowded but the food was worth it--clams, mussels, crab, fish, many strange desserts and more exotic foods were at the table that day. When I was done I was absolutely stuffed! I had not been so full in quite a while.

We got home and rested for two hours. I felt too full to do anything else anyway.

The evening service was about to begin and Dad was preaching again. There was almost no one at the church any more and Pastor Lynn had made a rule: There has to be more people in the pews than on the platform before church begins. We slowly started when the service was twenty minutes late. Pastor Lynn asked both Dad and I to come up on the platform, where people asked us questions and we answered them. I was not very nervous because only a few people were there.

Then Dad preached some more. There was still some daylight left when he was done and we snuck back to the cherry trees. We found a third tree that was almost bare. Those cherries were the sweetest, but there was only a few.

When we got done with our snacking Pastor Lynn took us to dinner. We had such a good time talking that we stayed up until midnight!

When I finally crawled into bed I was totally exhausted, ready for a long sleep.

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