Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day 38

Clouds covered the sky in the morning, but there was no rain. So we started packing.

I ate some breakfast, then we finished packing, checked out of the motel, and set off. It was pretty cold and the wind in my face did not help.

We rode a very short distance, but by the end of the day we had been in three states! First we rode one leg and had to stop for gas. We were still in New Hampshire then.

After that we rode a little more distance to a store, where we bought dinner and a couple of other things. We wanted to camp near a beach, so we moved on. We crossed over into Maine, where we only stayed a few minutes. We looked for state parks that would allow camping, but found none. So we turned around and went back into New Hampshire. There we stopped at an RV park right next to the Atlantic Ocean. We tried to get a spot there, but it was for RV's only--no campsites there. The manager directed us to a camping place about four or five miles down the road. When we got there, we found ourselves in Massachusetts! We paid for the spot, got set up and Dad started heating up dinner.

He had bought seafood and asparagus. It was really good, with squid, shrimp and imitation crab meat. Although I liked it, I have to admit I won't want it again for a little while. Too much of one thing is never good--and that goes for seafood as well.

Afterwards I rinsed off the pans and bowls, then Dad and I went for a short walk on the beach. We found shells and a dead crab, walked on top of boulders, sat on a log and talked and just had a great time together. It's one of those things you can't really explain; it's just a father and son type of thing. Short as it was, the walk was just great.

Dad topped off the bike's engine oil before we got into the tent and went to bed early. It had been a great, fun day. And the clouds that were above us the whole time could not stop us from enjoying it.

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