Saturday, June 6, 2009

Day 32

In the morning we got going too quickly for me to get any breakfast, but I was able to get some food at the tent after a short ride.

Dad took me around the rally to see some of the many vendors and countless bikes. While at a patch booth I saw a patch that said "Panhead," which is my dad's road name. He had never gotten a patch like that before and I told myself then and there that I had to buy him that patch.

I did not want Dad to know about it because I was going to surprise him with it on Father's Day or his birthday. So I worked out a plan: I would ask Mr. Mark to take me around to see the vendors like Dad had just done and I would buy the patch then. So we left again. Mr. Mark left the opposite way of the patch booth to fool Dad if he was watching. Then we doubled back and I got it. But we did not come back just then. To make it seem like we had been gone a long time and had seen more vendors than just the patch vendor, Mr. Mark took me to the other side of the rally. We stopped at a beef jerky booth and Mr. Mark bought some expensive beef jerky. He gave me some and we walked back.

When business got very slow Mrs. Mary Anne and I played and solved a puzzle to pass the time. We also played a crossword but were not able to do much because I soon left with Dad to go back to Mr. Nathan's house for the night.

We had a great dinner and later a small group meeting was held. We watched a video and talked late into the night. In fact, by the time I got to bed it was a new day!

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