Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 44

In the morning we got some breakfast, packed everything up and headed back to the Harley Dealership. It was a long, hot walk, but we eventually made it. There, we found that all the parts we needed for the bike had come in. Now all the bike needed was a bit of work to get the parts in and then we could leave!
We had to wait for a few hours before it would be ready, so we walked to a nearby fish store and looked around. We soon got tired of that so we went back. Dad got out the computer and was on the Internet for most of the time. I watched him a lot and looked at bikes. It was a long morning.
Finally the bike was finished. We got to see what was wrong with it and found that one rod that was very important had burned and broken into several pieces!
We got on the road again after putting the last bags on the bike. The day was clear and enjoyed the good weather. We traveled a little, then stopped and got some dinner. After that we went on a bit more and stopped for some oil and gas.
When we stopped again we were at the Canadian border. It took some time to get across and there was so much security I was not even allowed to take pictures! First we got our passports checked and there were questions constantly--where are you going, what are you doing, how long will you be here, and much more. Then we waited in a big room and took papers and gave them back and all sorts of things.

Finally, we got through. After a bit of riding around we found a spot to park and looked at Niagara Falls. Thick mist covered us and got everything wet. Tons of water all came gushing down in unbelievable constant amounts. It was really something to look at.
When we had finished getting soaked with mist and looking at the Falls we walked indoors. Most everything was closed but I was able to get a molded penny with a Niagara falls design on it.
Then bad news came. When we had walked back to the bike Dad decided we would not go any farther into Canada because among other reasons the bike was leaking oil badly and the last thing we wanted was to be stranded in a foreign country hundreds and hundreds of miles away from home.
So we rode back. By the time we crossed back over into America the Falls were lit up and it was getting dark quickly. Going back into the USA was a lot easier than leaving and soon we were back in our homeland.
We looked for some camping but it was really expensive, so we rode away from the Falls and found a cheap motel room, where we spent the night.

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  1. I dedicate the Niagra Falls part to Mr. Mark Briley.