Saturday, June 6, 2009

Day 33

Since we would be leaving the next morning, we washed the laundry and stayed at the house for a long time before going to the ministry tent.

We also dropped by a store and purchased a camping tent. I bought some ink for my patch so I could fill in all the states I had been in. Then we finally rode to the ministry tent.

It was a busy day. Many people got coffee. For lunch Mrs. Mary Anne made us some sandwiches.

I was asking Dad if he would ever buy more patches for his vest to see if I had done well in buying him one. But with that he said that he would go and get the Panhead patch I had already bought him! So I told him I had already bought it, and we just got it sewn on instead. Meanwhile, I got some of my new patches sewn onto my vest as well.

Later Mr. Mark took me to get some ice cream. It was funny to see bikers crowded around, all eating ice cream. Definitely not something you see every day.

When the day was just about over Dad and I went back to Mr. Nathan's house. We had dinner there again and I finally got to fill in my patch.

When it got dark Dad and I went with Mr. Nathan's family and watched a movie at a drive-in. It was nice and we stayed up once again very late.

I was so glad to crawl into bed that night.

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