Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 31

When I got up in the morning no one was in the house but us. I got some breakfast quickly and was ready in a short time. Dad was working on the bike. He modified the starter and it worked perfectly! If the bike did not start, all we had to do is push on the new, makeshift button.

Of course, the bike started without any trouble, so the button was not needed for a while.
We got to the tent for another long day. We had a few more people come for free coffee. Many times we were offered tips, but we turn them down because if we took tips the coffee would not really be free.

When it was time for lunch Dad lent me five dollars to buy some food at the neighboring booth. I gave the order, the food was cooked and I took it back to Dad. But something was missing. I had forgotten to pay! I ran back over and tried to give him the five dollar bill, but he did not take it. He said we helped his business. We gave the customers a place to sit and coffee to drink. As a result, people were attracted to his booth. So he gave us lunch.

Mr. Mark also gave us some canned meat for desert. It was very good, especially on raisin bread, provided by Mr. Kieth and Mrs. Lynn, who were working with us.

We talked the day away and soon we closed down. The church that was only a few blocks away was having church and Mr. Mark was preaching there. So we got some dinner at a restaurant, then rode to the church.

After singing many songs Mr. Mark came up and said a few words before taking an offering. He said that whatever money he got he would give back to the church! And he didn't pray for the

He called me up and I prayed for the offering. By this time I had been on stages and spoken to large groups so much that I wasn't very nervous with this rather small congregation.

After I prayed I took a plate and people piled money on it. When I had gone through everyone I went back to my seat and for the rest of the service stayed there.

After a good sermon and a very long prayer, we went our ways and I got to bed.

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