Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day 30

In the morning Dad and I got ready. I ate some breakfast and we attempted to leave--but the bike would not start. Dad took off a cover and pushed on something that made the bike start. Then, after putting the cover back on, we did ride out of the driveway and away from Mr. Nathan's house.

When we stopped I found we were in the middle of the Americade event. Motorcycles were parked anywhere there was an open space. I saw the tent I would be in for the next few days. Near the top was a banner that read "free coffee." This was going to be a very caffeine-filled day.

We met Mr. Mark Rittermeyer, his wife (who I call Panda Bear, but that's another story) and a few others under the tent. The day went very slowly. Only a few people took our free coffee. We talked a lot to pass the time. I got to put letters in a billboard and spelled out "free coffee! Thank you!" It was a new and fun experience, looking through dozens and dozens of letters, then putting them on the sign. When I was done, it was put by the road for everybody to see.

For lunch we had some pasta and fruit from the Rittermeyers' RV, which was parked nearby.

Once in a while we went to the nearby military surplus tent and looked around. Dad took me to a parts store, where he got a screw and a nut. I wondered what it was for...

The day eventually passed by and we put everything away. Then we rode to Mr. Nathan's Dad's house. The year before he had given me a pocket watch, made in 1914 to 1915. Now I thanked him on his 60th birthday.

For a while we sat and talked, but dinner was soon ready. There was so much good food! I couldn't eat much dessert, but there were four pies, ice cream and more! I just had to get a little.

Afterwards we sat down in the living room and talked about what was new in the year. Then we prayed and left. It was late and I saw 11 PM come around before I got to sleep.

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  1. Hey Spidey, This is Grumpy (female Grumpy) from the RFTW. I just wanted to let you know that I am keeping up with your blogs and really enjoying them. I love the comments about your Dad preaching. Some day you will have to blog about the way you feel about your Dad preaching.

    Take care and please keep blogging!!!!!!