Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 29

Dad had finally preached and now it was time to leave, so we got packed and hit the road. We had a big day of riding ahead of us.

As we left DC for Lake George in New York State we felt the traffic slowly disappear. A few times when we stopped for gas the bike did not want to start again, like when we stopped for lunch. So he took some pieces apart, pushed this or screwed on that and soon it was running again.

It was chilly most of the day. We had to pay tolls along the road often. The long, five-hundred mile trip was wearing us down.

Finally we arrived at a friend's house and got our stuff in. Then, after starting the bike with some trouble, we looked for some dinner. The whole town of Lake George was packed. We could not park to eat anywhere because bikers had swarmed in for an event called Americade. We bought some things at a gas station and ate it at the house.

Before going to bed we talked to Mr. Nathan, who had come back to his house. But, being very tired, we did not talk long and soon we found ourselves in bed.


  1. Hey Guys,
    so we are on the road again. been praying for the both of you daily. Spidey keep up the great work. send me some of those sweet cherries.

  2. Glad you two are safe, I too have been praying for you to have good roads and weather. As for having to fix the Harley, well all I can say is keep doing that. Preventive maintenance, or push.
    Dave Talley