Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day 39

In the morning it looked like the weather had cleared up, but when I got out of the tent I found it was still cloudy. We packed up the camp and once again got on the road.

We had sixty miles to travel. It was a little cold, but not that bad. The riding was okay, however tolls seemed to be placed on the road every few miles. Other cars also crowded the road. We stopped halfway through the trip and got some breakfast. We stayed a while, enjoying the warmth of the indoors and talking to the family back at home. Homesickness was starting to attack us both.

We traveled the other half of the trip and got to a church. The pastor and his family lived in a separate section of the church.

They were busy getting our RV guest house ready. We helped out a little, then went on the bike again to see the town. We rode to a Harley Davidson dealership, then went over to a WalMart, where we returned the tent we had just bought. Dad wasn't satisfied with the design and knew it would let rain in. So we just got our money back and hoped for another tent that would work for us. After that we went to another store and got some groceries.

The Pastor provided lunch and we greatfully took it. When the day came to a close, we had some snacks and went to bed.

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