Sunday, June 7, 2009

Day 35

We were in no hurry to get up in the morning and did not want to climb out of a soft bed. We both had separate beds, making oversleeping even more tempting.

Eventually we did get up and went down to the lobby for some breakfast. It was the fanciest breakfast I had ever seen in a hotel! Chefs waited for an order, then cooked up whatever was wanted. We also got more from a table. I stuffed myself! Even then, I had to leave some of my breakfast at the table to get ready for church.

I thought we were leaving the hotel that morning, so I got busy packing our bags. But Dad finally told me a little before we had to leave that we would be staying the night there again! So I just got ready and we left.

We arrived an hour early and spent it talking with the pastor. When the service started we had to get out to the sanctuary.

Dad preached a good sermon (as usual). Afterward people came to him and commented on it many times and the pastor took us out to lunch, too. We went to a big fancy restaurant and stayed long after everyone else had left. Of course Dad was talking the whole time.

Back at the hotel we just rested the day away. I was tempted to go swimming but since other people were already in there and since Dad didn't want to go with me I didn't go either.

We ate on leftover pizza and food from lunch for dinner. I took another shower, then went to bed.

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