Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day 41

We got up early in the morning and both of us took showers. After that we rode for a while then stopped in a church parking lot where several other bikes had gathered. We got to see Mr. Mark Rittermeyer and his wife along with Mr. Keith and his wife. It was good to see them, brief as the visit was. They were doing another free coffee tent for the Laconia event. For the moment they were going on a run with the other bikes and needed to go. Since we weren't doing it with them, we just went off on our own after saying goodbye. We wouldn't see them again on the run.

We went to a Harley Davidson dealership, where vendors were set up everywhere. We looked around a little bit and bought a thing or two, then moved on.

The next place we went was a long ride away. We were trying to get to a Christian Unity Meeting, but found only ourselves and one other person there. We found that we had arrived on the wrong Saturday--the meeting would happen in a week! So we just went back. When we got to where all the vendors were set up at, we found the road jam packed! Traffic was hardly moving, so we stopped by an ice cream shop near a lake to wait out the traffic.

We also got some ice cream. We watched the motor boats speed by and had a good time. But we eventually had to keep going.

We finally got to all the vendors. We parked and walked around. It was very hot. We got some t-shirts and stopped to get some soda and rest. We also talked with the family back at home.

We went back home after that and ate what fried chicken we had left over from a day or two before. After that we went to bed.

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