Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 46

In the morning it was raining very hard and we could hear loud thunder. It did not look like a fun day to ride.
We got some breakfast and waited in the motel, hoping the rain would let up before we had to check out. And luckily, it did! It stayed cloudy, but the rain and thunder had quit coming down.
Dad took the opportunity to work on the bike and see if he could stop the huge oil leak that had started up a couple days before.

After Dad had finished tinkering with the bike and had put it back together we got packed and set off. It started heating up quickly and before we knew what had happened we were unzipping or taking off our jackets.
We crossed from the East side of the US to the West and had left Illinois. We rode most of the day in Missouri and got hot dogs for lunch. We rode a few hundred miles, but it felt much longer in the heat. Each time we stopped we had to clean the bike because oil was still flying everywhere.
My leg was constantly covered with the slippery substance and I could not keep my foot on the floorboards.

Finally we crossed into Kansas. We did not have to ride long before we got to Pastor Arnie's house where we would be staying the night. But first, being that he was not home yet, we tried to clean the oil off ourselves. We got our bags in and waited a while. When Pastor Arnie came home, we got pizza for dinner and enjoyed the evening with him.

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