Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day 27

When we got moving around Dad and I found Reverend Mark busy cleaning his bike. We made breakfast for ourselves and him. It was pretty good.

Dad had found an abandoned cot with one corner ripped. Seeing that it was compact enough to fit on the bike, he took it in and tried to sew it up.

We also washed our laundry, being that we would soon be leaving the church.
When it was time for lunch, I got out some clam chowder. Pastor Lynn dropped by with some burgers, giving me a double lunch. Soon after that Reverend Mark had us go with him for some fried chicken. By this time I was stuffed, so I just got some soda and pies.

Dad worked on his bike a little and we had another restful day. I was still full by the time we started dinner, but I ate some of the BBQ that appeared out of nowhere in the fridge. It had been labeled, "For Curtis and Zach." The people at the church are very nice.
Reverend Mark was leaving the next morning for a bike event, so we said goodbye to him and then also to Pastor Lynn, who was going to bed. With that we got to bed ourselves after a restful and not too eventful day.

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