Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 6

We had a small breakfast at the Soldiers For Jesus hospitality room that I had not known about until today.

Then we went to another meeting that turned out to be a memorial meeting. The same man who had presided over the Christian Unity Meeting opened up with a prayer. After that the Mayor of Sparks, Nevada (where we were staying) told us how pleased he was that we had come to his town to hold NCOM and that he hoped we would come again.

Then the memorial began. Person after person stepped up to the microphone and spoke about people that they loved who had passed away, sometimes near tears. Some of those passed away had helped to start NCOM. Then a long list of names that had been submitted for the memorial was read off. After every name was read another person rang a bell. Sadly, this continued for a long time. Then after the list was all read off, there were a few more words and announcements and the meeting ended.

We took a break for an hour, then went to the next meeting. In this one bikers from several different regions gathered and reported how they were doing, if unfair laws were being put into effect, what they were doing about it and so on. In Oregon, Washington and California, bikers reported careless drivers, policemen judging bikers by their clubs, patches and looks. Mostly these were fought by campaigns and laws. Bikers were making an overall effort to gain recognition and NCOM was one of their ways to do it.

As I took part in these meetings I began to understand what this was really about. At the beginning of NCOM I saw a shirt that said, "It is not illegal to be a biker." Then, I had thought, "Well, obviously. You can't get arrested for getting on a motorcycle and going out for a ride." But now I realize that through small laws and little rights being taken away, it is getting harder and harder to be a biker. And if NCOM can help bikers be a little more free, then I am glad to have been a part in it.

A banquet was being held that night. Most of our group left, leaving only Dad and I with each other. We walked to the In 'N' Out restaurant again. Along with a burger Dad bought me a shake!
When we had finished we went back to the hotel--but not to our room. First, we played some games in the arcade. We played pool, pinball, air hockey and more. It was awesome, especially since only my Dad was with me.

And then we went to our room.

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