Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 22

We stayed in bed until nine in the morning, but I still felt tired. Then Dad made breakfast from some of the supplies in the church. Mr. Mark Briley came over and we talked a while before getting the shuttle ready for a trip to the Patriot Harley Davidson dealership, a short drive away.

Some other people temporarily staying near the church in tents tagged along. At the Harley Davidson store we looked around and Dad got some parts for the bike.

Then Mr. Mark took us to the Iwo Jima memorial. I recognized it immediately. It was much larger than I had thought it was. A marine agreed to let me have a picture with him while Mr. Mark took the picture!

Then we went back to the church and got Dad's bike in a shed. He worked on it for most of the day.

Someone bought tacos for lunch and I was glad to grab a few.

Once Dad was done with the bike (which was quite a while later) we went inside to make a dinner of ravioli. Then we planned on watching a movie that evening, but suddenly everyone was feeling very tired, so we just went to bed. It was a very restful day. Not much happened and I was grateful. Sometimes it's nice to take a day off.

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