Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 24

Breakfast that morning was particularly good. Dad, Mr. Mark and I all worked on it together. It did not take much time to eat, but at two in the afternoon we were still talking!

Finally we stopped talking long enough for us to get into Reverend Mark's car and go to a different Harley Davidson Dealer. We looked around a lot and talked about bikes for a little while. Then we moved on and went to a Target store, where Dad looked for a tent and I looked for a certain ink that will not wash off of the patch that I had bought at the beginning of the Run For The Wall. Neither of us found what we were looking for, so we looked in one more store. We had no luck there, either.

We rode back "home" to the church in the car and arrived about an hour before the Wednesday night church service began. In that time Dad and I went back to the office basement and got some rest.

We got some dinner that the church was serving, then walked into the room where we had church. Because it was church for kids that night, we sang songs made for kids. We used hand motions and repeated the songs faster than before, things that I think were used so that the kids would not get distracted.

Dad and I then walked up on the platform where we would both speak. I talked to the kids about what it is like to be a missionary kid (because I get to travel with him on missions trips). I was nervous, but not nearly as nervous as when I had to speak to the adults on Sunday. Later Dad said I did okay. I hope so.

Then Dad preached a sermon he had many times before. But this time he added a few more jokes and played around a little more. The kids seemed entranced, being happy when the story he was telling was happy, and when it was sad the kids were, too.

After an hour or so we went back into the dining room of the church, where we had cake to celebrate both a birthday and an anniversary.

Pastor Lynn, Dad and I were the last ones in the church, talking late into the night.

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