Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 4

In the morning we packed up and quickly got on the road. We took the same road we had been following yesterday, a road that was called "The Loneliest Road."

We rode 100 miles before we ate. I had been enjoying the ride so much that I hadn't even thought about breakfast, but now that we had stopped I realized how hungry I really was. I got biscuits and gravy (for the second time on the trip) and Dad got hash browns, eggs and toast. It was a very good breakfast.

We also fueled up the bike before we left. It was a 325 mile day, which was shorter than usual. As we rode all across Nevada headed West to Reno I found that Nevada was not completely the desert-like state I had thought it was. Instead, it was full of snow-capped mountains and wide, flat valleys.

We got to Reno and went into a large building full of parking spaces. We went up three floors before we found a spot!
Gathering our bags together, we went into the hotel lobby. On the way we passed full halls of casino machines.

We were going to share our room with Mr. Duane Gryder, who had not yet arrived. We waited for two hours in the lobby, hoping he would show up. But eventually, we decided that since we could not get into the room without him, and since it did not look like he would be here any time soon, we would just rent a room in a Motel. So, once again, we grabbed our bags and went all the way back up to the bike. But just as we got on the bike Mr. Duane called, saying he had arrived at the hotel. So for the third time we got our bags and went into the hotel. Just our luck.

We got into the room and to our dismay, there was only one bed. We needed two. Thanks to Mr. Duane this was quickly resolved and soon we were moved in. We got lunch (or dinner, being that it was a little late for lunch) at a fancy restaurant in the hotel.

Then we went back to our room and spent the rest of the evening there. But before we went to bed Mr. Dean, a friend of my father's, came to the hotel. He would be staying the night with us, too. So he got out his inflatable mattress and slept on the ground. Now there were four of us.

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