Friday, May 29, 2009

Day 25

We slept in until eight-thirty in the morning! When I looked at the clock I was startled. Dad and I got up and quickly started breakfast. It wasn't like we had a busy schedule, but we didn't want to sleep through the day.

Dad and I made breakfast, but Reverend Mark was not there until the job was done. We had the usual breakfast we had been eating for days now: eggs, sausage, toast. But instead of toast I made mini pancakes, which worked just as well.

After breakfast Reverend Mark took us to the National Firearms Museum. We got to see centuries-old guns with complex ways of firing. Some designs looked more like a knife with a trigger than an actual firearm! Computers placed here and there let us type in a gun that we wanted information about--first, we would put in the number on the glass case it was in. Then, we would type in the number next to the gun. Once that was done, they usually had a few paragraphs explaining what the gun was, when it was made, who made it and all that good stuff. We saw a gigantic gun that looked like a cannon! I looked it up and the computer said that it could take down one hundred birds in one shot! I also saw an elephant gun, used in the search for David Livingstone.

We spent about an hour there, then went back to the church. We helped Pastor Neubauer by helping him move some computers and other things from one room to another. While doing that, the pastor handed me a high quality leather wallet with a chain that could attach to my jeans so I would not lose it. It looked like my Dad's, but a little smaller-sized, just right for me. I have been wearing it ever since.

Then we got tacos for lunch and had a great time. When we got back we rested a while. A meeting of the board of the church was about to start, so we left with Reverend Mark to a nearby store. There we got chips, salsa, soda and more. We went inside his
house and watched a movie before we went to bed.

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