Thursday, June 16, 2011

Run For The Wall: a Documentary

Many who were on the Run may have been asked by me if they could "answer a few questions for a documentary I'm making."  If you were wondering when that will be coming out, here is an update.
The filming process was easy enough, but post production has always been difficult for me.  I recently bought a new laptop that was supposed to be great for video editing but it is having technical troubles so severe I can no longer even open my editing program for very long, so it has to be shipped to the manufacturer to be fixed, which will take a couple of weeks.

Also, since I was not able to finish the Run, I have asked a fellow Chaplain to provide me with footage from the Wall and other parts of the Run--that way I can have footage from the whole trip.

Editing may take a while, but I have some great interviews and shots and would hate to let them go to waste.  It may take longer than I'd like, but I plan on getting it done as soon as possible.

Thanks to all who let me interview them--no one ever rejected me when I asked!

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