Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 4: Registration

We slept in this morning and did not hurry through breakfast.  It was pretty uneventful, although I felt a little sick for a while.

Mr. Kevin asked if I could help with registration.  He needed me around noon, so I got up and went to the Hotel across the parking lot, where everyone would gather to sign up for RFTW.  Most of the bikers had come by now and there were plenty of opportunities to talk to people.

I spent some time labeling papers and tags with numbers 1-200, and by the time I had finished with that the registration line was very long.  It took a long time for very much progress to be made at all.

The line did not end all day.  Just as soon as it got close another group would arrive, making the registration workers busy for hours on end.

Dad and I eventually got registered after the line had shortened quite a bit.  It seemed strange to me that after all this, we were only just now on the Run officially.

After that, we were invited to eat dinner at a spaghetti restaurant.  We had a great time talking with many people.  The portions of spaghetti were so large that many of us did not finish our meals, although Dad and I did.

We went back to the hotel, very sleepy from a busy day and a huge dinner.

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