Monday, April 27, 2009

Getting Ready For The Run

It's getting busy as my Dad and I get ready for Run For The Wall, the longest road trip I have ever gone on. This will be my second time going and I'm more excited than ever about this cross country road trip that will take several weeks to finish. In addition to that, we'll also go through Canada on the way home.

Before we leave my Dad and I have to get packed, a large undertaking considering that we have to stuff a tent onto a motorcycle along with our own baggage. We also have to remember to pack light so that it can all fit.

We have two bike events this weekend and then Monday the adventure begins!


  1. What an awesome thing for a son & dad to experience together. You seem like a fine young man and I'm sure that your dad is very proud of you. You'll never forget your rides with your dad.
    I look forward to reading about your journey.
    I will only be able to start the journey for the first leg of the Central Route but, am planning on the run in 2010. My wife & I are professional photographers :-) and I have to schedule a year in advance as that's the beginning of our wedding season.
    I wish you a very great future as a writer and photographer. To do either well, you should love it which I see you do!!
    God bless you all on this trip.
    If you're starting in California, I'll look for you.

  2. I agree, what a wonderful thing for a dad and son to experience together! So glad you had a great ride last year! I know you did because you want to do it again this year! I am a Harley Rider, haven't riden to the Wall, but have been there. From what I have read so far on your blog, it has me anxiously waiting for more! Have a safe wonderful trip! I look forward to hearing all about it! I hope you continue with the blog even after you blog about your trip. Best wishes to you and your dad! Remember, you can do anything you put your mind to!

  3. Spidey,
    I envy you and the journey you are about to make. Reminds me of the things I used to do with my Dad. I am a VNV and was at the "WALL" in 2002 to see Rolling Thunder. Only one word "AWESOME".
    My Dad is gone now,but my advice to you is pay close attention and listen. As an only child, a lot of our family stories are lost because I didn,t. Dorie and I are leaving Nebr. the 19th to go to the "WALL". Time off work dictates that I cannot ride with,but one year I will. I have given my daughter your blog site and she will keep track of us both from her home. Too much rambling,Ride Safe,May God ride with you,and I hope to get a chance to see you in DC.
    Parts and Bunny--Ord, Nebr.

  4. Spidey:
    I was among the group when your dad presented you with the treasured vest in Hurricane WV last year. I was an FNG as well, with no idea what I was in for. Now I do and am ready to make the tip again. Hope to see you in Hurricane again and I will be following your blog as you and your dad make your way from CA to WV. Safe riding and take it all in.